School Started.

Today was my 4 day of school. It was my first year of public school in Washington. I only had a couple of 8th grade friends. There was also a school dance. The dance was kinda of boring because I don't have very many friends. School has been kinda stress full with having to try … Continue reading School Started.

The Remodel.

Hello! So like I said in my last post we just moved to a new house. We have been remodeling are new house. We are almost done with the living room theirs just a little bit or touch up left. We had to tear into the walls to put insulation in them, My dad mudded … Continue reading The Remodel.

My Story!

Hi! When I lived in Alaska I had many adventures. My favorite ones were made when I was dog mushing and playing with my neighbors. My favorite dog mushing races were the night race, Jr. world championship, and the Easter race. For the night race we went at night and you had to use a … Continue reading My Story!